1918 Czech Solid bass $13,500 NEG

Marked Yosef Homolka Prague, although I have looked through many research books I cannot track this maker down (any info would be greatly appreciated richard@thebassshop.com) having said that this bass is one of the best Czechs I have had for some time its a beautiful chestnut brown oil finish. its small size 3/4 and is light weight, ideal for travelling weights. this bass has a rich dark sound balanced across its frequency range

The Bass Shop did the partial restoration on this bass 9 years ago now and still holding strong, I have thoroughly checked all the cracks (see pics) and all are sealed and closed.

This bass is setup for classical with Aubert French adjustable bridge, Helicore Orchestral strings, and bag.

Also Available which came with this bass is a J.Ellender French bow with certificate, please check the bows section if you wish to acquire separately.


  • Top Bout 512mm
  • C Bout 365mm
  • Bottom Bout 650mm
  • Depth with bridge 390mm
  • Back Length 1010mm
  • Stop Length 1055mm
  • Total Length 1800mm

Hungarian Gasparo Da Salo copy c2015 $17000 

This beautiful Da Salo copy recently came in to the shop for sale, made in 2015 the bass is an extremely good representation of the masters work. The finish is an even deep red brown with some aging techniques added to give a period appropriate look. Unlike allot of relic finishes on today’s basses this is applied subtlety and thoughtfully.

The sides and back have good medium flaming with the double purfling line accurately placed on the top and back plates. the top has a very even arcing with high grade spruce top.   The bass would be ideally suited to a intermediate to professional Arco player looking for a rich dark sound.


  • Top Bout 530mm
  • C Bout 370mm
  • Bottom Bout 700mm
  • Depth with bridge 410mm
  • Depth 210
  • Back Length 1050mm
  • Stop Length 940mm
  • Total length 1850mm

German Trade bass with Lions Head $10,000


  • Top Bout
  • C Bout
  • Bottom Bout
  • Depth
  • Back Length
  • Stop Length
  • Total Length

Muller German bass 1960 $15000


  • Top Bout
  • C Bout
  • Bottom Bout
  • Depth
  • Back Length
  • Stop Length
  • Total Length

German Block-less bass SOLD

This is one of only a few block-less basses I have seen in Australia in my time, generally the block-less bass has a full tone with good projection making it ideal for arco playing although equally comfortable with pizzicato . This bass was fully restored by N.S.Brawley. It is colored in a beautiful satin dark chocolate spirit varnish. The color compliments its tone which has a full rich bottom end with warm but articulate highs.

The bass has been setup with Pirastro Flexicore strings, Aubert adjustable french bridge, and a heavy duty bobelock case.


  • Top Bout 520mm
  • C Bout 370mm
  • Bottom Bout 645mm
  • Depth with Bridge 430mm
  • Back Length 1025mm
  • Stop Length 1088mm
  • Total Length 1842mm

French bass 1900’s SOLD

The maker of this bass is unknown but it is possible its from Mirecourt some time in the early 1900’s, this bass has been restored here at The Bass Shop. The scroll is an open French design with Bakelite tuners. Its has a very even umber color varnish which has been beautifully applied.  The ribs are plain in appearance with slight flaming more flame is present on the back plate. The overall cut of this bass is very symmetrical which shows the skill in the construction of this instrument.

Measurements 3/4

  • string length 105 cm
  • top bout 47 cm
  • C bout 37 cm
  • bottom bout 68 cm
  • depth with bridge 40.5 cm
  • Total length 181.5 cm.

German Trade Bass $13,000

This flat-back German bass has been fully restored with a hybrid setup for both Jazz and Classical styles. This bass has a wide spruce top with relativity straight grain. The varnish is oil with burnt sienna shading. The back and ribs are plain with little flaming. The neck is beach and original. fingerboard and tailpiece are good quality ebony.

  • Measurements, 3/4
  • string length 110.cm
  • top bout 50 cm
  • C bout 36.5 cm
  • bottom bout 63 cm
  • depth with bridge 42 mm
  • total length 186 cm

Gliga II 5 string flat back $5000

Now Available is this beautiful second hand Gliga II 5 string, currently Tuned E – C. This bass has been kept in really good condition with only minor scratches from usage. the sound is rich in the mids with sweet highs and a solid low end response. The measurements are as follows

Sting length 1054mm
Top bout 457mm
C bout 362mm
Bottom Bout 686mm
Total length 1880mm
Back Length 1143mm
Depth with out bridge 254mm


Available for trial, conditions apply. feel free to contact us richard@thebassshop.com