The setup of any instrument is of the utmost importance not only for the tone and longevity of the instrument, but for the players comfort as well. Many times have I seen a bass that has been cheaply and quickly done causing the player discomfort and displeasure.

I draw on my many years experience to customize each setup for each person.  My ultimate goal is to work with you to produce the best result, the best way to start is to call me and we can discuss what the problems are and what will be the best outcome. Most of the time the simplest answer is the best.

In some cases (but not all) a bass will need to be re set this can involve;

  1. New Bridge – The bridge may be warped , badly fitted, or just a cheap factory bridge.
  2. Fingerboard plane – If it buzzes then it needs to have this done. The strings also groove the board over time.
  3. New strings – As with any instrument strings ware out.
  4. New sound post – sometimes post are badly fitted or have shrunk.
  5. New nut – A new nut is often needed after a fingerboard plane.

After a bass has been setup there often adjustments needed (new basses especially) for instance the string heights. For this reason I always offer a free tweak within the first month. If for any reason you are not satisfied bring it back and I will correct it.