Kaplan 3/4 set

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Kaplan Double Bass Strings Tension Chart

Set Note Core/Winding
Playing Length (mm-in.)
1060 – 41 3/4
1060 – 41 3/4
1060 – 41 3/4
K611 G-Sol Stranded steel/Titanium 58 62 65
K612 D-Ré Stranded steel/Nickel 61 65 68
K613 A-La Stranded steel/Nickel 63 68 72
K614 E-Mi Stranded steel/Tungsten 65 69 73
K615 C-Do Stranded steel/Tungsten, Ext E 65 69 73

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Kaplan Bass String Set, 3/4 Scale, Medium Tension

Kaplan double bass strings are aimed at the most discerning orchestral musicians. Kaplan strings offer a rich tonal color palette and superb bowing response in a beautifully balanced set. The set provides clarity and warmth from low to high registers and allows versatility and control throughout the dynamic spectrum.

Scaled to fit 3/4 size bass with a playing length of 41 3/4 inches (1060mm), medium tension strings are optimized for a majority of players.

  • 3/4 size bass with a playing length of 41 3/4 inches (1060mm)
  • Medium tension
  • Stranded steel core
  • Projection, clarity and richness, balanced across the set
  • All D’Addario strings are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA to the most stringent quality controls in the industry

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 2 cm


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