Anthony Wellington is an exceptional bass player and gifted music educator who created an approach to teaching music theory and it’s application that is now known worldwide as Bassology. His Bassology curriculum is largely based on logic and efficiency with the goal of artistic expression and exceptional music proficiency.

Anthony Wellington’s Bassology clinics are very popular with musicians and arts lovers alike. Anthony creates music on the spot and talks about what makes that possible. He shares his approach to and thoughts abut the art and science of music.

Because attendees are encouraged to ask questions and pick Anthony’s brain, every clinic is a little different. Anyone who appreciates music, the arts and artists will leave a Bassology clinic inspired to view music, the world, and themselves a little bit differently than they did when they walked in the door.

Included in this Bassology Around the World Event:
  •  12 amazing hours of Bassology curriculum to get you out of a rut and moving towards your goals
  • Anthony Wellington Bassology Clinic demonstrating music theory and it’s application by creating music on the spot with audience participation
  • Small class size to give you access to one of the most in-demand yet approachable music educators in the world who welcomes, motivates, and challenges players of all levels without intimidating anyone
  • Fun and innovative setting to relax and learn that facilitates interactive learning
  • Chance to win a gorgeous custom Richard Greenup bass
  • 3 options for participation at rates that fit your budget and times that don’t interfere with your gig schedule

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