KG 100 $4,500.

The #100 model is a hand crafted instrument ideally suited for the beginning player up to an intermediate standard. These are available in sizes from 1/8 up to 3/4, with the option of a flat or arched back.

KG 200 $5,500.

The #200 double basses utilise flamed maple and an even-grained spruce in their construction. These instruments are coated in an oil varnish and are suitable for intermediate students.

KG 300 $call.

The #300 double basses are fully hand crafted instruments with nicely flamed maple and very even grained spruce tops. They have a hand brushed oil varnish and are well-constructed instruments with an excellent tone quality.

Jay Haide Master grade $8,657.

Beautifully made both inside and out with an aged spirit finish the timber is well seasoned and stable. This is a great example of what new basses are coming out at the moment. The sound is powerful and accurate perfect for the player seeking a more defined tone. Fully setup with bag, and bow. These are special order so please contact for more information.

Gliga 3 solid $3,200.

Sizes 3/4 or 7/8. Color deep ocher varnish 4 string only.

Handmade in Romania the Gliga III is the entry level bass to the Gliga range. Fitted with quality German machines, ebony tail piece and fingerboard. Fully setup with bag, bow.

German Trade Bass $13,000

This unknown flat-back German bass has been fully restored with a hybrid setup for both Jazz and Classical styles. This bass has a wide spruce top with relativity straight grain. The varnish is oil with burnt sienna shading. The back and ribs are plain with little flaming. The neck is beach and original. fingerboard and tailpiece are A grade Indian ebony.

  • Measurements, 3/4
  • string length
  • top bout 50 cm
  • C bout 36.5 cm
  • bottom bout 63 cm
  • depth with bridge 42 mm
  • total length 186 cm

French bass 1900’s $14,000.

The maker of this bass is unknown but it is possible its from Mirecourt some time between 1880-1930, this bass has been restored here at The Bass Shop. The scroll is an open French design with Bakelite tuners. Its has a very even umber color varnish which has been beautifully applied.  The ribs are plain in appearance with slight flaming more flame is present on the back of the back. The overall cut of this bass is very symmetrical which shows the skill in the construction of this instrument.