About us


The Bass Shop has been providing the bass community with quality set-ups and restorations since the 1980s.  No matter if you are a beginner or a professional musician you can have confidence in our quality service.

We also have been an important supporter of the music education system; supplying schools and individual teachers with appropriate instruments to assist their students develop into confident players for the future.

A large range of double basses, music, and accessories is available from our workrooms.  Also, we provide professional care for your instrument from the smallest repair through to the most extensive restoration.

Working closely with our customers, The Bass Shop strives to achieve “maximum result for minimum effort”.

Some of our services

• Bow Restoration, Repair and Rehair.
• Double Bass restorations and repairs.
• Electric Bass setups.
• Cello restorations and repairs.
• Custom made instruments.
• Instrument valuations.
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