The Bass Shop’s main attributes is the restoration of a damaged or unloved bass back to its original condition. this quite often can be quite an intensive job and requires special skills to achieve the correct results. While we try and maintain the makers original intent, often the damage areas need to be re built and this can involve new parts to be made. Our workshop is fully equipped to handle all aspects of this type of work. We try to replace all wood with similar grain types and as close to the age as possible

Some types of Restorations work;

  • Scroll rebuilds and neck grafts.
  • New bass bars.
  • Edge doubling and fitting.
  • Extensive Belly repairs.
  • Block replacements.
  • Strut repairs and replacements.

Restoration work requires us to thoroughly go over the instrument this can take up to an hour we will then give you and accurate quote for the work including any parts, strings, ect (the quotation is $55) If you decide to go ahead with the repair we require a 30% upfront deposit and payment with in 7 days of completion. Please be aware in some rare cases extra work may be needed this may incur additional costs but you will be informed before I proceed.

Restoration work can take some time depending on the level of work required. We try to complete the work to a schedule but it can not be rushed. if you require a bass for a gig we can provide you with one if yours is not complete