Underwood pickup

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fitting is required if you are collecting we can fit it for you at no charge.

The wings of the bridge are fragile so Underwood’s should only be fitted by a professional luthier.

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Underwood Pickup for Upright Bass

The original bridge mounted bass pickup.

In the 1970’s, California-based engineer, inventor and musician Don Underwood came up with the pickup’s design to prove theories he had developed about the operation of the viol bridge. We have used the same design for 40 years. Each bass pickup is still proudly handmade in the USA by the Underwood family. All pickups are meticulously tested at every stage to ensure consistency and quality of work

Respected bassist throughout the world use the Underwood, some for as many as forty years! It has become the standard by which other bass pickups are judged”

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Dimensions 14 × 9 × 2 cm


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