At The Bass Shop we offer a full professional bow repair service with excellent turn around times. like the bass itself the bow requires special, and experienced attention to provide optimum performance. Below is our current price list for re-hair and repairing

Please note we cannot quote over the phone, we need to see the bow so any work can be priced accurately.

Bow Repairs

Re Hair

White Horse Hair $115.00
Black Horse Hair $115.00
Salt & Pepper (Black & White Horse Hair) $115.00
Triple Mix (Black, White & Chestnut Horse Hair) $115.00

Bow Head Re facing

Imitation Ivory $75.00
White Bone $89.00

Silver Quote

Brass Eye Brass Eye Replacement (Standard) $22.50
Replace Screw Shaft & Brass Eye Quote

Grip Replacement

Silver Wire and Leather $39.50
Imitation Whale Bone and Leather $43.50
All Leather $37.50
Replace Thumb Leather Only $19.95

Marine Shell Replacement

Eyes (Each side of Frog) Quote
Slide Replacement (Abalone or White Mother ofPearl) $33.85

Stick Repairs

Bush Screw and New Nipple Quote
Bush Inside Bore Quote
Bush Mortise and Recut to Receive Frog Quote
Fill Stick at Thumb Grip Quote
Wrap for Stick Break (Carbon Fibre) Quote
Recamber and Straighten Quote